Complete Fitness

  • Small group personal training
  • Perfect Blend of strength and cardio
  • Real fitness= Real results
  • From £5.00 per session
Membership from: £28 per month


  • September 11th- October 20th
  • Full nutrition plan
  • Fat loss- Fitness
  • 6 weeks
Fat loss Fitness

Canterbury gym

Community gyms is based in Bridge, near Canterbury. It is a unique training facility which aims to bridge the gap between Personal Training, group training, and regular gym going. It is a ‘coached gym’ where local people can exercise, learn to move better, develop better posture, become more healthy, learn about nutrition, take part in different disciplines, challenge themselves and enjoy being a part of a group of like-minded people. This all takes place under high-quality, fully qualified and insured instruction. If you are a member of the gym, your results will be closely tracked so that you can measure your progress. Statistics tracked  include but are not limited to: strength (weighted movement), body measurements (for those who want this), metabolic conditioning (CV fitness), nutritional improvements (for those that want this) Mobility and body weight skills/strength. We don’t really use machines. Only rowing machines. All movements are either with free weights or bodyweight.




REPs - Level 3 Premier training international NASM Certified