Complete Fitness

Complete fitness is a class that attempt to blend strength, movement and fitness development. Here is a summary of what the class involves.

  • We only use the most effective exercise protocols for positive transformation. We leave out everything else!
  • As far as possible, we will try to differentiate workouts to accommodate individuals developmental needs.
  • We train indoors and outdoors
  • We try to develop relative body weight strength first (gymnastic ring work, pull ups, push ups, squats to name a few).
  • We work on CV fitness through HIIT style body weight training and short running rounds.
  •  We use kettle bells, dumb bells,  power lifting (squat, deadlift, bench press) for weighted strength development. More advanced members will try some Olympic weight lifting (clean and jerk and the snatch) as well.
  • Influences in what we do: Ido Portal, martial arts, gymnastics, Crossfit, obstacle racing and more.
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