Personal Training


One session-£45

5 sessions- £200

10 sessions-  £350

20 sessions- £640

How it works…

Free Consultation

This is a free, informal 20 minute session to discuss your health and well-being needs. This session is designed to help you see how we work and how we can fit a programme around your budget and time commitments. All this information will help you identify your goals, and how we can help you achieve them.

2nd Session

Following on from our first meeting, if you are happy with everything and you are ready to start transforming your body then we will start a process to of analysis which will help to identify the path forward so you can achieve your goals. This will include measurements, movement imbalances, life style, stress, hydration, sleep, hormonal activity, fitness levels and nutritional habits. Luke will also ascertain what you TRULY want from the training, and why. We will discuss barriers to this, and how to break these down. We will discuss your motivation and focus, and how to optimise these. . With this information, Luke will be able to prescribe the perfect programme that will achieve a strong, lean and healthy body in the fastest possible time.

Subsequent Sessions

We will start your fitness conditioning program on your 3rd session, which will be continually reviewed to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. When you hire Luke, you are not only getting 1 hour long exercise sessions, you are hiring a nutritional advisor and motivator who will be by your side every step of the way. Luke will pay you personal attention, even when you aren’t training. This is KEY to YOUR success! The reason this is so important is because we want to help you achieve results that will almost certainly require lifestyle changes. Making lifestyle changes requires breaking habits, which is far from an easy process and requires grit and determination! Luke will help you get through the hard times and get back on track!


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I started training with Luke at the end of February 2014. Having not done any real exercise for years I was nervous about my level of fitness and coupled with a back disease I was not sure what I would be able to achieve.

From this limited starting point to my new found ability to do chin ups ( with help), row at a decent pace and lift weights – my confidence and ability has increased far more than I would have expected.
My weight and fat percentage has also decreased.

All of the above is wonderful but the most important part for me is the enjoyment I have got through this training. Luke has fostered a ‘can do’ spirit in me which I will continue to benefit from long after I stop my PT sessions!

As you can gather from the above I would absolutely recommend Luke. Without doubt  the best money I have spent on myself in years! Thank you Luke.  Anna


REPs - Level 3 Premier training international NASM Certified