Yoga is run by  Erika from practical Yoga.

Practical Yoga was born out of my realisation that rather than seeking a path to the all-compassing way of life dictated by the founders of ancient yoga, most of us who find our way to a yoga class in the 21st century do so because we’re wanting help to release unhelpful patterns in the body, to manage the limitations brought about by time, injury or illness, or to simply reconnect with ourselves in a way that often isn’t possible in our ultra-busy, sedentary lives.


Practical Yoga exists to encourage students to develop a body awareness that allows them to listen to, understand and move their body in ways which not only provide a sense of freedom and minimize injury, but also have knock-on benefits in terms of increased vitality, emotional wellbeing and confidence in the ability of the body to actually do what is being asked of it.


I teach in ways that are readily accessible to anyone. There’s no incense or chanting and you certainly don’t have to be able to tie yourself in knots to walk through the door! I firmly believe that yoga should be a liberating and fun experience that we’re eager to re-experience each week – we have an eclectic, largely Western orientated playlist on our sound system (requests always welcome) and I aim to cultivate a friendly, inclusive environment, which those who work with me gradually come to regard as “home”.


One of the beauties of yoga is that no matter how “fit” you are, there’s always something you can’t do – something that someone who has just walked into the class can apparently manage with ease!  While we’re very focussed about work, I actively discourage competition or pushing yourself too far too fast in Practical Yoga classes – if you’re going to progress in a real sense and avoid injury, the only person you need to be interested in is YOU. You’ll receive personal instruction and feedback in all classes, but my aim is that you’ll gradually learn for yourself exactly what and how much your own body needs at any one time.


I recognise that we all have different needs and start in different places, so as we develop, we’ll be offering a range of different classes and workshops, from those which focus on the needs of sportspeople and athletes, to sessions for people who’ve had long periods of not doing anything very much, don’t feel very body confident and desperately feel the need to do something about it. I also offer 1:1 sessions via face-to-face or Skype for those who feel they need a more personalised approach.
Practical Yoga @ Community Gyms


Yoga takes place at 9am-10am on Saturday mornings, state school term time only.



What do I need to bring?


  • We have (some) mats available, but you may want to use your own and/or a non-slip towel (you can buy special yoga mat towels with rubber dots online).
  • Comfortable, stretchy or loose clothes.  It’s best to dress in light layers, so that you can slip out of a layer as you warm up.


  • A blanket or a jumper and socks for the relaxation period at the end of the class (savasana).


  • Something to drink.


We provide blocks and straps as necessary.



How to book


Contact Erika –  or 0778 342 8846

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